IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!! How to run a 100km trail ultramarathon is a fast-paced, informative and entertaining documentary that explains the rapidly-growing sport of trail ultramarathons and how to approach such a challenge. It centres around three people of different training backgrounds, levels, age and body types as they attempt train for and compete in a 100km trail race for the first time. The documentary focus on the scenic and very polular race once known as The North Face 100 at the Blue Mountains, Australia, now with a slight different course and known as Ultra Trail Australia (UTA).

This is a 246-minute documentary, presented in three parts plus two extra featurettes:

Part 1: Ultramarathons and the challenge
Do you run 100km? Do you do it all at once? Why do you do this? Are you crazy?
Ultrarunners are used to all these questions and more. However, what most people don’t realise at first when they hear about the sport is that ultrarunning is not for “super-humans”, elite athletes or freaks – but they are not for the fainted-heart either! The sport requires discipline, strategic planning and awareness of your own body, but mostly it requires you to be very strong mentally.

This part shows a variety of ultrarunners, from the top athletes to the enthusiasts, explaining what is  involved in the sport and why they got into it. You’ll also meet the three runners who decided to run their first 100km race – the TNF100 at the Blue Mountains in Australia, a stunning but brutal course. It’s an incredible challenge, but this documentary shows that with the right approach, it’s not that hard, either.

Part 2: Training and preparation
In this part, more experienced runners share their expertise and experiences to explain all the different aspects of this challenge. These include:

  • running technique
  • the need to build strength
  • the benefits of sand, hills, barefoot, night and stairs training
  • nutrition
  • hydration
  • gear
  • support and planning
  • how to make the training a part of your life

Part 3: The race
Coverage of the 2012 TNF100 Blue Mountains shows how our three runners went in their first 100km race and catches up with all the other runners who shared their thoughts and experiences with us along the way. With a team of cameramen – several of them ultrarunners – stationed at or running along several sections of the course for more than 20 hours through the day and night, we can provide extensive footage of all the action, fun and emotions that take place over the course of a major trail ultramarathon.

More reasons
Ultrarunners are people who set goals in their lives and make them happen. Some ultrarunners find extra motivation for their running by attempting to make a difference in other people’s lives, which takes the sport to a whole new level. In this part, three top ultrarunners talk about the charities they support and how they found a way to help.

Life lessons from ultrarunning
A variety of runners talk about what they’ve learned from from pushing their limits to reach a goal and how it has helped them with their running, their wellbeing and their approach to life in general.

IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!! How to run a 100km trail ultramarathon is an inspiring and informative documentary for runners, and a guide to aspiring runners. It features advice and comments from all types of ultrarunners – from the top athletes to the ones who make these events fascinating through the level of excitement and the brilliant attitude they bring. Thanks to some amazing top runners, viewers will gain a better understanding of the world of ultrarunning. Some of these runners include:

Pat Farmer
Pat is a multiple record-holder in ultrarunning. Pat’s most amazing achievement was to run from the North Pole to the South Pole, an adventure that had Pat running the equivalent of about two marathons a day, every day, for more than 10 months. Pat’s main objective with this remarkable feat was to raise funds for the International Red Cross.

Jane Trumper
In 2012, Jane became the first woman to run across Australia’s Simpson Desert – and she did it “the long way”. Her run raised funds for Bear Cottage, a hospice for terminally-ill kids.

Andrew Bowen
In 2011, Andy took the challenge to run on the longest golf course on Earth, all the way across Australia’s Nullarbor Plain. A problem with his ankle made him cut his adventure short, but he completed 644km and raised money for two different charities.

Meredith Quinlan
Meredith only started to run after she turned 31, but her progress was very fast – just like her running. In 2011 she broke the record for the GNW 100 Miles race in Australia and she also represented Australia in international competitions, winning bronze at the 24-hour Commonwealth Championships.

Dave Byrnes
Now the organiser of the GNW 100s, the toughest ultramarathons in Australia, Dave is also an adventurer and a very accomplished runner himself, with a best time of 2:19 for the marathon.

Dr. Jonathan King
Ultrarunner, cyclist and sports doctor, Dr. King knows a thing or two about endurance sports – and he shared some of his rich knowledge with us!

Keith Hong
Keith is a familiar face for many ultrarunners, as he has helped organising many races. He’s also a running coach and an accomplished ultrarunner himself.

The humble multitudes
Even the not-so-famous ultrarunners will certainly catch viewer’s attention with their stories of determination, motivation and how they’ve managed to lead a healthier lifestyle and have fun along the way.