The People

The trainer

Our trainer, Dominic Cadden, 43, has done a range of sports but he’s always looking for something new! He ran his first ultramarathon in 2008, which was also the very first TNF 100 in Australia. After a couple of ultramarathons, Dom went to a sport that requires very different skills and abilities – powerlifting. Even having a late start into the sport, he broke many Australian open and Commonwealth masters records.
With over 20 years experience in health and fitness, Dom has worked as a personal trainer and is also a well-published writer for consumer magazines and newspapers, and his work has been published in several countries and translated to different languages. Dom writes mostly about health, fitness and nutrition for magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World and his work has helped the promotion of many sports. However his writing abilities go much beyond these areas, with works also in the travel, humour, fashion, trade & commerce, corporate and finance areas and three published books, including a novel.
As a trainer, Dom has worked with clients aiming to lose weight, get fitter/stronger and perform better for sports or specific physical goals and challenges.

The runners taking the 100km challenge for the first time
Beatrice is a beautiful, petite, 22-year old office worker. At just 45kg, she has a very strong personality to go with her dogged determination. Beatrice didn’t have much running experience before starting to train for this challenge – she only began running three years ago when she decided to quit smoking. Before she began training for this race in the end of 2011, the longest distance she had ever run was 5km, apart from participating in the 14km City2Surf (but walking it more than running it). It was bliss to train Beatrice – quite often she drove from Auburn to Neutral Bay to run on trails and hills – that usually meant crawling nearly 20km through peak-hour traffic to run with her friend and trainer, but she always had a big smile on her face. Well, most of the time – we saw her not-so-happy sometimes and even swearing while running the hills in Mosman!!!

Hannes Koch is a tall, 34-year-old German who lives in Sydney. He started running in 2006 at the age of 29, usually two to three runs a week, mostly street runs – anything between seven and 20km per run and 15 to 30km a week. In between runs, he does some weight workouts, soccer, tennis and water sports such as swimming, surfing and sailing, plus he is a passionate SCUBA diver. His rule of thumb is to do to some type of sport at least four days a week, when work permits – his career keeps him very busy. Hannes is always keen to improve his results and ready to take on a new sports challenge. Hannes does not have time to muck around and he always attempts to use his “German precision” to train better and smarter.

Kate Townsley is a high school teacher and sportswear fashion designer in New Zealand. At 37 years old, Kate is the most experienced of our runners on trails – not hard when you live in scenic Taupo! Kate began running seven years ago when she hit 30 and realised she was unfit. She defined herself as “a classic middle-of-the-pack non-athlete”, but Kate was no beginner to big challenges. She had finished a marathon, a 70km ultra and two ironman races, as well as several half marathons and races in mountain biking, cycling and multisports. Kate was remotely monitored for this documentary and already had a good understanding of the challenge ahead!